Quick Answers.

We think you'll find these answers useful, however, if you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I book The Mighty Goodfellaz?

Booking The Mighty Goodfellaz is easy. When you book us we will escort you through every stage of the process, right up until the event:

1.    ENQUIRIES and QUOTES – Simply fill in our contact form, or call or email us, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to make an introduction and discuss your ideas and requirements. You can call us now if you like on 07733 267085 (Pete) or 07968 478936 (Mark) or email us on info@mightygfz.com.

2.    BOOKING The Mighty Goodfellaz – Booking is confirmed following the completion of a booking contract and the payment of a deposit. Deposit amounts vary based on the value of the booking, however it will be approximately 10-20% of the total fee. PLEASE NOTE: Your booking deposit is non-refundable. Please make sure you are happy with this before booking us.

3.    THE PLANNING PROCESS – We will talk with you in detail about your event and log all details you are able to confirm at the time. We will then contact you no later than 3 weeks prior to your event to confirm final details. Between these two points we are available 24/7 for you to contact should you have anything you wish to discuss.

4.    THE EVENT – On the day our sound and stage team will typically arrive at approximately 6pm to begin set up. The rest of the band will then arrive in a staggered nature to allow for the most efficient and unobtrusive set up. We will require a sound check, of about 10 mins, when we are set up, or at a convenient moment prior to the performance.

5.    FOLLOW UP – Following your event we will email you a feedback request where we invite you to share your most honest thoughts and opinions on your experience with us.

How much does it cost to book The Mighty Goodfellaz?

This is the most frequently asked question! We can only ask you to contact us so that we can assess the nature of your requirements. Fill in our contact form for a quote.

Can I see you play before I book?

Of course you can! Please see our Gig Dates page for details of our public performances. When you come along please feel free to have a chat on the night, it will be great to meet you!

Do you have a demo CD?

For your convenience you can download our music via our demos page, however if you need a physical CD please fill in our contact form and we'll gladly send one  to you.

How Long does it take you to set up?

It takes us 1 hour to set up, but we can do it in about 35 mins if need to! Set up times are usually dictated by whether your event is running to schedule, ease of access both to the venue and the performance area and performance area readiness. If we have to clear tables, chairs and other hindering objects then this could well cause delay. We can set the PA up first though so that we can start playing background music around 15 mins after we begin setting up.

How much space do The Mighty Goodfellaz need?

The stage area should ideally be 4m wide by 3m deep, but don’t worry if it’s a bit smaller, or a funny shape. We can fit in the smallest of spaces. Please let us know if you think you have a potentially problematic performance area so we can plan ahead.

Can we request a specific song?

We are always happy to learn tracks for our clients, however there are a couple of small pre-requisites. They need to be suitable for a band of our nature, i.e. a guitar based band. Certain types of music, like Ceilidh, can be hard for us to reproduce due to lack of certain traditional instruments essential to an authentic sound. We also need a minimum of 6 weeks notice. Our rehearsal schedule, whilst regular, is very busy with other song requests and seasonal preparations, so decisions may be have to made based on the current workload.

Can we chose the set list?

We fully encourage our clients to inform of us of their “must have” tracks, however please allow the band the flexibility to construct a dynamic set based on our extensive knowledge of events and our performances. We recommend that you make around 6-10 song requests from our song list and allow us to compliment it with the rest of our material. You will be invited to share your preferred tracks with us during the planning process.

Do you provide lighting?

Absolutely! The Mighty Goodfellaz have our own lighting rig to bring an additional “WOW” factor to your event with our array of coloured lights. Our lights are DMX controlled which means they work in sync with each other and the sound (or beat) of the music at the time, and  they look fantastic! 

How do you dress?

Our dress code is considered smart/casual, usually consisting of smart jeans, dark shirts and often waistcoats and ties, although we always ensure our appearance is in keeping with the nature of the event. Please feel free to discuss any specific dress code requirements you might have.

I have a sound limiter at my venue, is this a problem?

Hopefully not! Please let us know if you have a sound limiter at your venue so that we can correctly advise you. We are able to perform at low levels however in our experience sound limiters can sometimes be set a little too low to allow us to rock properly.

Do I need to provide foods and drink for the band?

With private bookings, yes please. This would usually entail something hot to eat and the provision of soft drinks and water through the course of the engagement. Most of our clients simply allow us to pop to the buffet or arrange something from the venue. We don’t expect 3 course meals or wish to be an inconvenience! The main reason for requesting this provision is that once we are onsite with you we will not be able to leave for anything up to 8 hours, having left our residences to be with you 1-2 hours beforehand. We also tend to find it’s unacceptable and generally inappropriate for us to arrive at your event with a picnic of assorted foods. We want to give you a strong and energetic performance so any subsistence you can provide is gratefully received. By the way, we never abuse a drinks allowance, it normally equates to a few cokes and not much more.

What is PAT and PLI insurance, and do you have it?

PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance and PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. Your venue may have asked you for our certificates which are of course no problem to supply. We are insured up to £5 million and all of our equipment is passed annually for electrical and performance compliance. Just let us know and we’ll send the info across.