The Mighty Goodfellaz have been around for 10 years and are made from Mark - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Pete - Bassist and Raj - Drummer and Ben - Lead Singer

The Drummer, Raj Pintsized Powerhouse and guitarist Mark "Fingers" met mid 90's through the famous, "Harrow Music" store and have been firm friends ever since doing various musical projects together. The drummer can play an electronic kit which means that they can control volume for venues with noise restrictions.

They then met Pete, "Phatmann Lownotes" on a Tube train one night on the way back from London after a rock and roll party, They were looking for a bassist and drinker and as it happened he was both! The rest as they say is history. he has also been various projects in his musical career, including Indie pop band "Easy" and harder edged "Bedlam"

Ben was picked up along the way from various bands that he'd been in before we asked to come and play for us.

They all have a love for 'Groove Rock' but yet appreciate the finer musical styles from classical to pop and everything in between.They try to incorporate this in their playing, which their extensive repertoire confirms this diversity.

They try to play songs that everyone knows and can sing-a-long to, even if you don't normally go to see bands or listen to the style of music there are tunes you will know. However, they do these popular tunes in their own energetic and cheeky style. This way they can keep the essence of the song but also make it their own, to keep things fresh and creative.